About Our Company

We use healthy and wholesome ingredients to create meals, dips, spreads, and sauces that are incredibly delicious, affordable, and unique.

Our Clean Label Promise

Clean Label Gourmet Foods crafts nutritious, ready-to-eat meals for all ages and backgrounds, inspired by cherished family traditions. Our challenge: deliver childhood favorites — delicious, clean, healthier options — in under 5 minutes. Merging family recipes with Maryland Packaging excellence ensures everyone enjoys the same cuisine our families loved for generations.

The Solution Company

Clean Label Gourmet Foods, a solution-oriented company, meets consumer demands for value and high quality. Our chef-crafted meals, featuring Steam-0-Purge technology and premium proteins, offer tastier, higher-quality options in under 5 minutes. High-pressure processing (HPP) ensures extended shelf life for retailers with minimal shrinkage, promoting positive environmental impact and sustainability. We're here to serve you the healthy options, let’s have a chat.